AngelList and Product Hunt…Smart!

Last week AngelList bought Product Hunt. I am always bullish on AngelList and Naval. I really like Ryan Hoover and Product Hunt so I am excited for how it all comes together. I like this piece on the deal. This is the key:

“The amount of traffic Product Hunt drives is pretty remarkable,” Yaseen said. “I think it’s a savvy move on AngelList’s part to be able to be the go-to place for the three most important things startups do: fund-raise, hire, and now find and talk to customers.”

I have been bullish on AngelList from the first email (curated deal) I got from Naval in 2010.

I chatted with my partner Tom and said we need to be investors. He agreed. I do not remember the exact details of the hunt/chase but I was after it. Naval agreed to let us invest and told me that we would hate the terms. That is very Naval. We invested of course.

Flash forward and we remain happy and enthusiastic investors/fans/supporters/non solicited advice givers to Naval and AngelList.

I always thought LinkedIn could have/should have bought AngelList and attacked the deal making/fundraising sector even bigger time, but now it’s part of Minecraft…I mean Microsoft.

There is so much on the table for AngelList to disrupt as money is commoditized and software eats the investing/fundraising universe.

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