Good Content Might Not be King, But It Sure is Addictive …Here Comes Basic Income

We are all dying.

But, we waste so much time every day that we still have a massive amount of time on our side.

I can’t believe how much time I keep finding in my day to watch content on Netflix and Amazon.

The one thing that Spotify, Netflix and Amazon are proving is that we will make time in our crazy ‘busy’ smartphone addicted world to consume crazy amounts of content. We lean back, we binge, we even chill.

The machines that the majority of America hates for displacing their income, give us all more time. I have read 100 essays on artificial intelligence (AI) and this is the only way I can explain it in english.

The machines will not be turned off at this point so we are headed for civil war or basic income.

Assuming we all don’t kill each other, we won’t even need basic income for the boom in good content to accelerate.

In fact, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast, Verizon, ATT, Time Warner should be paying the ‘red states’ a basic income directly so the government does not get it first!

We all spend our time on 3 to 5 networks (for me it is Stocktwits, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon and Spotify – in this order based on battery consumption) and we will give those networks even more time if the content gets better.

That means more ‘studio’s’ (like Wattpad is doing for readers) for the networks and communities that have gotten to scale.

The more money and time I invest in content, the more I believe in basic income!

The millennials can’t lose it seems!

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